Making A Difference

To support the goals and objectives of the APP Program, each health district in Idaho is implementing the Making a Difference (MAD) curriculum with parenting schools.

MAD is an evidence-based, abstinence approach to teen pregnancy and HIV/STD prevention catered toward students ages 10-14. This abstinence-based curriculum is designed to empower young adolescents to change their behavior in ways that will reduce their risk of becoming (or getting someone) pregnant, and of becoming infected with HIV or other STDs.

Making a difference

MAD program goals:

  • Help young people change behaviors that place them at risk for HIV, STDs and pregnancy.
  • Delay the initiation of sex among sexually inexperienced youth.
  • Reduce unprotected sex among sexually active youth.
  • Help young people make proud and responsible decisions about their sexual behaviors.

At the completion of the MAD curriculum, youth will have:

  • Increased knowledge about abstinence as a means of pregnancy, HIV and other STD prevention.
  • More positive attitudes/beliefs about abstinence.
  • Increased confidence in their ability to negotiate abstinence.
  • Increased negotiation skills
  • Stronger intensions to abstain from sex
  • a lower incidence of HIV/STD risk – associated sexual behavior
  • a stronger sense of pride and responsibility in making a difference in their lives.
To learn more about the Making a Difference curriculum, click here: Making a Difference Info