Reducing The Risk

To support the goals and objectives of the APP program, each health district in Idaho is implementing the Reducing the Risk (RTR) curriculum within partnering schools.

  • Reducing the Risk:
    • is a skills-based curriculum designed to help teens prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STI’s, including HIV
    • Geared toward students ages 15-18 years old
To learn more about the Reducing the Risk curriculum, click here: Reducing the Risk_info_2022
    • Abstinence is the best and safest choice
    • Youth should avoid unprotected sex
    • Youth should always use protection if they have sex
    • Risk-assessment
    • Communication
    • Decision-making and planning skills
    • Refusal strategies and delay tactics
    • Rigorously evaluated to have a measurable impact on behavior
    • Increased knowledge
    • Increased parent-child communication
    • Evaluate the risks and lasting consequences of becoming a teen parent or getting an STI
    • Recognize that abstaining from sex or using protection are the only ways to avoid pregnancy and STI’s
    • Demonstrate effective communication skills for remaining abstinent or avoiding unprotected sex
    • Abstinence – not having sex
    • Avoiding high-risk situations
    • Preventing HIV and other STI’s
    • HIV risk behaviors
    • Sticking with abstinence and protection
    • Refusal skills and delay tactics practiced through roleplays
    • The more students effectively say no to sex, or to unprotected sex, the more likely they will be to use these skills in real life