Ahead of the Curve School Safety Training

Thursday September 7, 2023

Full Press Release

Idaho Falls, ID – The Region 7 Behavioral Health Board Children’s Mental Health Subcommittee invites you to save the date for the Ahead of the Curve: School Safety Training on October 6th, 2023.

The Children’s Mental Health (CMH) Subcommittee’s role is to ensure that the mission of the Region 7 Behavioral Health Board addresses the unique needs of the community for those under the age of 21 by providing awareness and support, addressing gaps and needs, making recommendations, and researching and developing ways to help and educate the community, children, youth, adolescents, and their families to the distinctive needs of the CMH population. These responsibilities are not limited to behavioral health concerns but also include education on the vast array of other factors that affect the lives of children and their families and involve partnering with the community to identify the gaps and needs within those respective communities.

The need for a school safety training has been identified by the CMH Subcommittee and therefore, they have partnered with Drift Net to offer a school safety training in Eastern Idaho.

This training will feature many professional speakers, including:

Dr. Peter Langman is a leading researcher in understanding hostile behaviors in children and adolescents, particularly related to mass violence in schools. In 1999, while interning as a counselor, Dr. Langman encountered a 16-year-old with disturbing behaviors, just days after the Columbine High School tragedy. This experience inspired him to spend 12 years researching potential perpetrators of mass violence. He has written three books on the subject, including his latest publication, "Warning Signs: Identifying School Shooters Before They Strike" (2021). Dr. Langman's expertise has led to interviews with global news networks, nationwide trainings for school districts, and presentations to the FBI and US Secret Service. Dr. Langman's research, funded by his own dedication, has been acknowledged by the psychological community, national security authorities, and congressional testimony.

Dr. Beth Sanborn is an esteemed researcher and advocate in the field of school resource officers. With her background as a former SRO, she brings invaluable expertise on a genuine passion for student well-being.

After a distinguished 25 year career with the Pennsylvania State Troopers, James “Jimmy” Dunleavy joined Drift Net as Critical Incident Expert. With extensive law-enforcement experience, from Patrol Trooper to Lieutenant and Division Director, he brings valuable insights on emergency response within school communities.

Jessica Cirulli is an integral part of Drift Net as Subject Matter Expert and Grant Advisor. Her role involves building relationships with school district superintendents and administrators to ensure effective emergency planning for schools and providing guidance through state and federal grant funding – from applying to grants to effectively allocating the funding.

This training will be available for school administration, school staff, state education employees, school district employees, and law enforcement officers (specifically student resource officers) in Idaho School District Region 5 and Region 6.


Please join the Region 7 Behavioral Health Board and Children’s Mental Health Subcommittee for the:

Ahead of the Curve: School Safety Training

Friday, October 6th, 2023

8am to 5pm


There will be in-person and virtual training options available. In-person training will take place at the Melaleuca Building: 4609 West 65th South Idaho Falls, ID 83402

More information and to register visit: https://www.driftnet.com/events/east-idaho-safety-summit

For questions, please contact: John Miller at johnm@driftnet.net