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Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response program at Eastern Idaho Public Health was established in 2002 to prepare individuals, families and communities to respond to and recover from threats and emergencies. 

Is your family prepared for a natural disaster? Do you have an emergency kit or plans for evacuation if needed? Visit to learn more about individual & family preparedness. 

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Greater Idaho Healthcare Coalition

The Greater Idaho Healthcare Coalition combines community partners and services to build preparedness capabilities among Idaho healthcare entities to respond to public health threats and emergencies. The Greater Idaho Healthcare Coalition is 1 of 3 healthcare coalitions in Idaho. These Coalitions plan, train, and exercise amongst themselves to improve the ability of regional healthcare systems to respond and recover from a public health event. 

Coalition Members Include:
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Emergency Management
  • Public Health
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Public Safety
  • Schools
  • Volunteer Agencies

Eastern Idaho Medical Reserve Corps

The Eastern Idaho Medical Reserve Corps allows local medical and non-medical volunteers to contribute their skills and expertise during times of community need. An organized, well trained Medical Reserve Corps unit means that volunteers can effectively respond to an emergency, are familiar with their community’s response plan, know what materials are available for their use, know who their partners in the response are, and know where their skills can be utilized to their best advantage and in a coordinated manner.

Want to join?

It is easy to register to become an Eastern Idaho Medical Reserve Corps member, through the Volunteer Idaho system. Even if you do not have a professional license, you can still play an important role in the MRC.

Trainings and Events Schedule – Coming soon!

MRC Newsletter

Stay up to date on events, training and resources in the Eastern Idaho area. 


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