Septic Program Public Records Request

Important Information:

  • The records compiled date back to 1971. The information is non-existent for older systems.
  • Eastern Idaho Public Health strives to maintain complete and accurate records. However, we cannot guarantee that all historic records in our databases are error free. Please consider this in your use of records obtained here.
  • Fields within the septic sytem information request are mandatory in order to process your request. You will need to know the County Parcel Number as well as the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) description; Township, Range, Section (TRS). Example: (Township 3N, Range 39E, Section 23).
  • A list of County Parcel Maps can be found here. County Parcel Maps contain the Parcel number and most have a PLSS layer that can be used to obtain the Township, Range, and Section.
  • If you still need additional help, call the Planning & Zoning Office in the county where the property you are researching is located.
  • Please allow three (3) business days for your request to be processed.

Thank you for your patience.

Septic Public Request Form



Location of Actual System

Use the address inputs below to input the actual location of the system by address

County Parcel Viewers Legal Descriptions (Parcel Number (PIN, PIDN, Parcel), Township (TWP, T), Range (RGE, R), Section (Sec)) can usually be found on the County Parcel Viewer. If not, you may need to call your County Planning and Zoning Department.

Note: If more than 100 copies are made and/or 2 hours of staff time is needed, fees will apply. A fee estimate (if applicable) will be provided before any work begins.

Idaho State Code exempts certain documents from public disclosure. If the public records you are seeking to examine or copy are exempt from disclosure, you will be notified.

In most circumstances, your request will be granted or denied within three (3) working days of the date of its receipt. If more time is necessary, Eastern Idaho Public Health will notify you in writing. If Eastern Idaho Public Health fails to respond within ten (10) days, your request has been denied.