Appointment Information

Immunization and foreign travel services are provided by appointment only. Find your local public health office to schedule an appointment.

Vaccine for Children
Idaho is a Vaccine for Children (VFC) state, which means no child will be denied immunization services based on an inability to pay. At Eastern Idaho Public Health, insured children will have their insurance company billed for the services received.

Adult & Foreign Travel Vaccinations

  • Insurance (if applicable): As a courtesy, EIPH will bill your primary insurance for some services; however,
  • EIPH is not a preferred provider for all insurances. It is recommended that you check with your health insurance regarding coverage. Client/guarantor will be billed for any remaining balances after insurance has been processed
  • Medicare (if applicable): EIPH will bill Medicare for flu and pneumonia vaccinations. All other vaccines are the responsibility of the client.

Most insurance companies can be billed for routine adult vaccines and many foreign travel vaccines. If insurance pre-approval is denied, payment is expected at the time of service. EIPH has programs available for reduced cost vaccine for under or uninsured adults.