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Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a serious problem in Idaho that is completely preventable and requires purposeful efforts.

Suicide in Idaho

  • In 2020, out of 497 recorded deaths, 421 of those were caused by suicide.
  • Idaho’s rate of suicide was 1.4 times higher than the national average.
  • It was the 9th most common cause of death in the state.

Where to find help if you are in crisis

Idaho Crisis and Suicide Hotline: Call or text 9-8-8

The suicide prevention hotline is available to call or text 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. Internet chat is also available at Idaho Crisis and Suicide Hotline.

stand together for suicide prevention
there's always a helping hand for suicide prevention

Other Resources

Lives Project
(ILP) – Their mission is to foster connectedness and resilience throughout Idaho school communities to prevent youth suicide

Center for Hope– A peer recovery center that provides opportunities for education, socialization and participation in activities that support wellness and recovery.

Behavioral Health
Crisis Center of East Idaho
(BHCC) – A non-judgemental and comforting environment, but our program is geared toward adults (18 years old+) who need support for their mental health challenges and/or substance abuse issues.

Suicide Prevention
(CSP) – Their mission is to reduce suicide in
Southeastern Idaho through advocacy, collaboration and education in best practices.

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 988

How Can You Help Someone?

  • Trainings
     there are different types of trainings available to the public to know how to recognize someone in crisis and how to get them to those trained professionals for more help.

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