Do you want to be a beverage processor?

Wholesale beverage establishments include microbreweries, wineries,distilleries, water bottlers, and others that provide these beverages to other food establishments. (Other beverages containing fruits or vegetables are addressed under food processing.) This operation may never be conducted out of a home kitchen.

Beverage processing image

Becoming a wholesale beverage processor is similar to becoming a restaurant. (See “Do you want to operate a permanent restaurant?”). A Food Establishment Plan Review ApplicationEspañol must be submitted and approved before building/remodeling the commercial facility. A Food Establishment License ApplicationEspañol must also be submitted after the facilityis constructed and prior to opening. The requirements of the Idaho Food Code must also be met, although many requirements may not be applicable to your specific operation. The inspector will help you determine which sections will be pertinent to your operation.

Once you are up and running, you will be required to obtain your annual food license through the health district unless another state or federal agency decides to regulate your business for food safety. If you are obtaining ingredients for your product from another state, or you are shipping your finished product out of state, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may begin regulating your business because you would then be conducting interstate commerce. If the FDA decides to regulate your business, you will not need to obtain an annual license from the health district.

The Idaho Department of Agriculture has published a great resource for anyone looking to Start a Specialty Food Business in Idaho. This booklet contains extensive information ranging from food safety to marketing your business to tax information.