Board of Health

Board Composition and Duties
Eastern Idaho Public Health’s Board of Health (BOH) is composed of nine voting members, a County Commissioner from each of the eight counties we serve as well as physician representative. Board members are appointed for a five-year term.

The Board has authority as designated in Idaho Code 39-414 “to do all things required for the preservation and protection of the public health.”

Board Meetings
Board of Health meetings are held on a regular basis and are open to the public. Notices describing meeting times, locations, and agendas are on display in our main office and also published on our website.

Board Meeting Resources

Corresponding with Board Members
Correspondence may be addressed to board members and sent to:

Eastern Idaho Public Health
1250 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, ID  83401

or e-mailed to

Blair Dance, Chairman, Commissioner, Bonneville County

Chairman Blair Dance
Fremont County
Term: 2021-2028

Brent Mendenhall - Vice Chairman, Trustee & Executive Representative, Madison County

Vice Chairman, Trustee & Executive Council Representative
Commissioner Brent Mendenhall
Madison County
Term: 2017-2024

Aaron Gardner, MD, Physician Representative

Physician Representative
Aaron Gardner, MD
Term: 2021-2025

Commissioner Jon Walker
Bonneville County
Term: 2023-2028

Greg Shenton, Commissioner, Clark County

Commissioner Greg Shenton
Clark County
Term: 2001-2027

Steve Smith

Commissioner Steve Smith
Custer County
Term: 2024-2027

Shayne Young, Commissioner, Jefferson County

Commissioner Shayne Young
Jefferson County
Term: 2019-2024

Leah Madsen, Commissioner, Lemhi County

Commissioner Leah Madsen
Lemhi County
Term: 2021-2025

Bob Heneage Headshot

Commissioner Bob Heneage
Teton County
Term: 2023-2025