Funding Partnership
Idaho’s Public Health Districts receives funding from a variety of sources. Approximately 69% of EIPH’s funding comes from subgrants and fees, with another 29% coming from the counties and the state. Joint funding from county property taxes and the state general fund creates a partnership so that all of Idaho’s citizens will benefit — no matter the size, location, or population of the county.

FY23 Revenue Pie pictograph

The District partnership has served Idaho well since 1971 and has received national attention because of the way it provides decentralized Public Health services designed to meet the unique needs of the citizens of each District.

Eastern Idaho Public Health’s Budget
Idaho’s health districts operate on the state fiscal year, which is July 1 – June 30. In April or May of each year the District Director prepares a budget for the upcoming fiscal year and presents this budget to Eastern Idaho Public Health’s Board of Health. Once the Board of Health approves the proposed budget, a public budget hearing is held (on or before the first Monday in July).